What information will I need to bring to my visit if I am a new patient?

Please have your insurance card and a photo ID (preferably a driver’s license) at the time of your visit. So that we can see you on time for your visit, we recommend you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to fill out the necessary paperwork required to be seen.

Does the office draw blood or do I have to go to a lab?

We do draw blood in the office. You can have it drawn the same day as your visit with the provider or have it drawn in advance of your visit with the provider to have results available to discuss at your upcoming visit.

How long should I fast if I am expecting to have blood drawn at my visit?

We typically recommend no food for 6 to 8 hours prior to your visit. You can have water and your regularly scheduled medications other than diabetic medications to avoid low blood sugar.

How can I request a referral?

You may call our office and ask to speak with the referral coordinator. We will require from you the specialist’s name and date of your appointment. Please allow us 72 business hours to process your referral(s). Additionally, you may request a referral when you come to our office for a visit with your primary care provider. The referral will be issued at the time of the visit.

How can I obtain my lab results? We provide our patients with a few options:

1. If you are active on the “patient portal”, your results can be viewed by logging in to the portal. If you haven’t set up your account yet, you can inquire with the office how to become “web enabled” so you can have access to your “patient portal” whenever it is convenient for you.

2. You may also call the office and have them review the results over the phone and/or mail you a copy of your results.